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Ankyler – the content widget

Every site site has those small pieces of content that need to be editable but are just to small for a (custom)-post or a page.
Now with the Ankyler you can place this content directly in a widget area.
Just drop in an Ankyler, set a title, image, short text, nice link text and where to link to.


Ankyler Free

the content widget for plain use

It’s the limited version, but already powerfull.

Ankyler Pro

the content widget for developers

With the Pro version you get many more features at your disposal:

  • Change the display order at will
  • Let the editors choose a styling option you can set for them
  • Filters to do on the fly modifications to elements

And much, much more..

Ankyler Pro+

the content widget for agencies

As an agency you want your developers to get support as soon as possible.

With the Pro+ version you get all the benefits of the Pro version, plus prioritized support.

If you’re interested in the Ankyler Pro, please join the Beta-release program and be the first to receive a free copy to try it out for yourself!

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What others say..

I've just looked through your plugin and have to say it is exceptionally well written. Everything from the construction, organization, and the formatting. Honestly, I don't have anything to suggest for improvements. It's excellent!

Pippin Williamson
Pippin Williamson

We at Yard developed this plugin in-house for years to scratch our own itch.

We want this plugin to excel at: Code quality, Extensibility, Being able to customize output and Support

Therefor we also asked Pippin Williamson to review the Ankyler plugin (free version).


Free Pro Pro+
Widget with title, image, description, link.
Link to a page, post, custom post or external links
Customize the link text
Use filters to change outcome of widget HTML elements  
Choose image display size per sidebar  
Set order of widget HTML elements for superior theme styling  
Use of the editor-grid/column add-on  
Use of editor-styles add-on  
Create your own Ankyler add-on  
Use multiple description fields  
Priority support    
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